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Children's Sports Equipment Packs and Childrens Activity Kits

Thomas Sports is a specialist supplier of quality Children's Sports equipment packs and sets and kids activity kits to schools, play groups, primary schools, infant schools, the general public and other educational authorities.

We have been supplying a wide range of customers for many years and provide quality sports equipment sets at a very low price. We always have discounted offers running so be sure to check us out.

  • Children's Sports Equipment Packs including catching packs, children's rounders kits, kids softball kits, children's hurdle sets, children's obstacle sets, kids bat and ball sets, children's PE sets, innov8 PE sets, soft play athletics sets, kids basketball kits, children's football sets, kids netball sets, kids rugby sets, children's kwik cricket sets and kids tennis packs.
  • Kids Activity Sets such as primary school activity sets, children's sports activity sets, kids educational activity packs, children's sensory sets, multi sport activity sets, activity sets for infant and junior schools, sports equipment sets for play groups and parachute sets for young children.
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