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Children's Playballs and Playground Balls

Thomas Sports is a specialist supplier of Children's play balls and Kids playballs to schools, primary schools, infant schools, kids clubs, play groups, the general public and educational authorities throughout the UK.

We have been supplying a wide range of play balls to customers for many years at very competitive prices. We always run discounted offers so be sure to compare our prices.

Play balls including flight balls, rubber balls, multicoloured tennis balls, kids footballs, unburstable balls, soft play balls, playground balls, kids footballs, multicoloured balls, easygrip balls, vinyl balls, glitter balls, non sting volleyball and throw balls.

Kids playground balls such as jingle balls, tentacle balls, spider balls, activity balls, multicoloured balls, hedgehog balls, pyramid children's balls, kids tennis balls, balloon balls, soft playground balls and bean bag balls.

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